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Goodnet in Scotland explores how Roots of Empathy is helping to reduce bullying in Scotland’s classrooms:

Three babies, the children of teachers on maternity leave, visit elementary school-aged children to help the students learn about empathy. They are the world’s youngest teachers.

At Ardgowan Primary School in Greenock Scotland, the babies who range from 3-10 months old are brought to school once every three weeks. The school children are taught about empathy, understanding, and responsibility by seeing the babies grow and develop.

The program isn’t new; it began in 2010 when Scotland became the first country to implement Roots of Empathy in every school district. The Canadian based organization, established by Mary Gordon in 1996, offers empathy-based programming to teach the next generation how to be responsible citizens and parents by raising the amount of empathy children feel. They do this by bringing babies into elementary school classrooms.

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