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Invite Roots of Empathy to your school! (England only)

Want to help reduce bullying, aggression and violence in your school?

Want to surround your students with a positive and lasting experience that will help them to bring empathy to their future lives as citizens, parents and leaders of tomorrow?

We are seeking schools to participate in an exciting opportunity!

Roots of Empathy is an evidence-based programme that has shown significant effect in reducing levels of aggression, including bullying, among primary school children while raising social and emotional competence and increasing empathy.


CNN describes how Roots of Empathy works to Reduce Bullying

The Nurturing Empathy Before Transition Project

With support from the Youth Endowment Fund and evaluation from Sheffield Hallam University, Roots of Empathy is delivering

The Nurturing Empathy Before Transition (NEBT) project. A Randomised Control Trial to assess the Award Winning programme impact on:

  • Raising levels of pro-social behaviour (helping, caring, sharing, including and kindness) and empathy.
  • Reducing aggression, including bullying and engagement in risky behaviour.
  • Supporting children as they prepare to make the important and often scary transition to secondary school.
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Your participation in the Nurturing Empathy Before Transition project:


  • Schools will be randomly assigned to an intervention or control group once baseline data is collected in September 2023.

The control group will:

  • Collect teacher and student questionnaires (at the beginning and end of the school year)
  • Receive a £400 incentive payment on completion of questionnaires
  • Continue as normal with lessons without the Roots of Empathy programme

The intervention group will:

  • Receive the Roots of Empathy programme in their school in October 2023 for one Year 5 class
  • Receive training and mentoring for a school-based Roots of Empathy Instructor, all programme equipment and gold standard curriculum which can be used in subsequent years – worth £3,250
  • Collect teacher and student questionnaires (at the beginning and end of the school year)
For more information please contact:

Katie Cohen


Tel: 0771-408-3042

Expression of Interest required from schools ASAP