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Roots of Empathy in Northern Ireland


Roots of Empathy launched programmes in Northern Ireland in 2010-2011, as a result of an invitation from the Public Health Agency to Roots of Empathy Founder/President, Mary Gordon, to deliver a keynote address.


In 2016, a cluster randomized longitudinal study of Roots of Empathy programs , was completed by Queen’s University Belfast. The key findings show that Roots of Empathy increases pro-social behaviours and decreases difficult behaviours, including aggression.

From the study:
  • “These findings are consistent with those of other evaluations of ROE and suggest that it is an effective and cost-effective programme that can be delivered appropriately and effectively in regions such as Northern Ireland.”
  • “The study also found that ROE as likely to be a cost-effective use of society’s resources as a means of improving children’s quality of life.”